Villa Vesikko Electric Bicycles

Villa Vesiko’s equipment includes two electrically assisted fatbikes.

(GZR Black Raw. 250w, 4.8″ tires)

The keys are in the key boxes on the warehouse wall, where you can get the codes if you want to use the wheels. You can request the codes on 040 135 1966 or 0400 906 369 / Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy.

The battery chargers are fixed on the storage house wall, the battery can be charged in the storage house when it is attached to the bike. Batteries can be recharged at any time. Charging time from empty to full is 5-6 hours. With one charge you can drive approx. 70-100 km.

Villa Vesikko’s customer is responsible for all damage and loss that occurs to the electric bike and accessories while renting the bikes. The customer is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the electric bikes or accessories according to their actual value whenever the damage is caused by the customer himself.

The customer assures that he will take care of the electric bike so that the bike and the battery are always locked when the bike is unattended. The bike should be locked with a cable lock, preferably to a fixed object. The customer should not leave the electric bike unattended for long periods of time.

The customer has no rights to claim compensation in the event of personal or property damage. In case of theft or traffic accident, the customer is obliged to file a criminal report.

The customer is fully responsible for all damages until the rental period at Villa Vesikko ends and the bikes have been found to be in perfect condition. The customer cannot claim compensation or refunds if, for one reason or another, the bikes are not in rideable condition during their vacation.

Cycling always comes with its own risks, and when using Villa Vesikko’s electric bikes, the customer does so entirely at their own risk.

Cross-country driving, hill driving, enduro, etc. are prohibited. Taking the bike out of the Ruka area is prohibited.

The bikes must be returned to the storage racks in the same condition as when they were taken from there. In the summer, the bikes must be washed, there is a water tap and a water hose on the wall of the apartment.

The bikes are checked after each renter.

Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy
Nissinvaarantie 22a
93600 Kuusamo

Lotta Viholainen/ 040 135 1966
Tommi Viholainen/ 0400 906 369