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Welcome to Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy: Your Gateway to Enchanting Log Cabins in Lapland

Discover the Magic of Log Cabins in Lapland

Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Finnish Lapland, Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy offers an unparalleled holiday experience with its collection of traditional and cosy log cabins.

Each cabin, a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, provides the perfect retreat for those seeking solace in the lap of nature.

With a focus on comfort and authenticity, our log cabins serve as your private sanctuary amidst the snow-covered landscapes and majestic northern lights.

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Experience Traditional Log Cabin Living

Our traditional log cabins, ranging from intimate cosy cabins to spacious family lodgings, are meticulously designed to offer a genuine Lapland experience.

With log fires warming the interiors and private saunas to relax after a day of adventures, every moment spent here is a testament to Nordic simplicity and warmth.

The cabins, crafted with traditional log techniques, not only resonate with the heritage of Lapland but also ensure a stay that is as environmentally friendly as it is enchanting.

Amenities Tailored for Your Comfort

Each log cabin features a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms with extra beds available, and a living area with a fireplace to gather around during the chilly evenings.

Modern conveniences such as free Wi-Fi, Smart TV, a drying cabinet for your thermal clothing, and a private shower room ensure a comfortable stay without compromising the traditional feel.

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Immersive Outdoor Experiences

Positioned close to the Arctic Circle, our resort is a great base for exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland. From the doorstep of your log cabin, embark on snowmobiling adventures, visit the village centre to experience local culture, or explore the one of the most beautiful national park in Finland for a glimpse of untouched natural beauty.

The Aurora cabins offer a unique opportunity to witness the northern lights in all their glory, right from the comfort of your private outdoor jacuzzi or hot tub.

Seasonal Activities for Everyone

Whether you’re looking to hit the ski slopes, enjoy a serene walk by a frozen lake, or engage in the thrilling tradition of snowmobiling, our location provides easy access to a plethora of winter sports and activities.

Families will appreciate the proximity to Santa’s Secret Cottage, and the adventurous at heart can explore the deep snow of the forest or try their hand at ice fishing.

In the summer, hiking trails in national parks in various wonderful landscapes and terrains capture the heart of every adventurer. The beach cottages have their own rowing boat and you can fish and swim in the clear water.

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Culinary Delights to Warm Your Heart

At Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy, we believe that a great holiday includes delightful meals. Our log cabins are self-catering with fully equipped kitchens for those who prefer to cater to their culinary needs.

The Ruka Village centre, a short distance away, offers restaurants serving local and international cuisine, providing ample dining options for every palate.

A Place for Memories

Beyond the comfort of your log cabin, Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy encompasses a range of facilities and services designed to make your stay memorable.

From the warmth of the log fire to the spectacle of the northern lights and the serenity of the surrounding forest and snow-covered trees, every element here aims to enhance your holiday experience.

Embark on a Journey to the Heart of Lapland

Discover the ultimate retreat in Finnish Lapland with Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy. Our log cabins, set against a backdrop of snow-covered forests and the mesmerizing northern lights, offer an escape like no other.

These cabins, a blend of traditional design and modern comfort, invite you to experience the tranquility and adventure of the lapland.

Our Enchanting Cabins

The Essence of Lapland Living

Our traditional log cabins, embodying the spirit of Lapland, provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere. From spacious family accommodations to intimate cosy cabins, each dwelling is a testament to the timeless appeal of log construction, offering a serene escape with all the comforts of home.

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Experiences at Your Doorstep

Adventures in the Snow

Located near the Arctic Circle, our resort serves as the perfect base for winter sports and exploration. Whether you’re drawn to skiing, the enchanting forest trails, reindeer or husky farm visits, or the thrill of snowmobiling, our log cabins offer easy access to all the adventures that Finnish Lapland has to offer.

A Glimpse of the Northern Lights

Our aurora cabins provide a unique vantage point for witnessing the breathtaking northern lights. Imagine bathing in a hot tub under the starry sky as the sky above dances with colors—a truly unforgettable experience.

Unforgettable Lapland Log Cabin Experience

Traditional Charm with Modern Comfort

Our cabins, crafted with the finest wood and traditional techniques, offer the warmth and coziness of a classic log cabin while featuring all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

From the snug embrace of our cosy log cabins to the spacious allure of our larger lodges, each cabin is a haven of tranquillity, offering a private sauna, a well-equipped kitchen, and stunning views of the surrounding winter wonderland.

A Spectacle of Nature at Your Doorstep

Situated in the heart of Finnish Lapland, our cabins provide the perfect setting to witness the magic of the northern lights.

The pristine snow-covered landscapes, the tranquil frozen lakes, and the majestic forests create a backdrop like no other for your holiday adventures.

Whether you’re here to marvel at the aurora borealis or to enjoy the serenity of the Arctic wilderness, our cabins offer an unparalleled experience.

Adventure and Relaxation in Finnish Lapland

Winter Wonderland Activities

From exhilarating snowmobiling excursions to serene walks in the deep snow of the national park, Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy is your gateway to the myriad of activities Lapland has to offer.

Our cabins are conveniently located near ski slopes, offering easy access to winter sports enthusiasts.

For those seeking a more relaxed pace, the nearby village centre and one of the beautiful parks Oulanka National Park and Riistitunturi National Park in Finland offer cultural and natural explorations.

Reindeer, Santa Claus, and More

Embrace the local traditions and culture with visits to reindeer farms, where you can learn about the reindeer herding. For families, a magical encounter awaits at Santa Claus’s village, a place where fairytales come to life.

Our accomodations are located the perfect base for these unforgettable experiences, ensuring your holiday is filled with joy and wonder.

Culinary Delights and Cozy Evenings

Savor the Local Flavors

Our cabins’ fully equipped kitchens provide everything you need to prepare your own meals, offering a taste of home in the heart of Lapland.

For those looking to dine out, the Ruka village centre boasts a selection of restaurants serving both local and international cuisine.

Warm Nights by the Log Fire

After a day of adventures in the snow, retreat to the warmth of your cabin where a log fire awaits. The crackling wood, the soft glow of the fire, and the cozy ambiance make for the perfect end to an exciting day.

With every cabin designed to offer a warm and inviting space, you’ll find the peaceful rest you need to recharge for another day of Lapland adventures.

Enriching Activities for All Ages

Ruka-Kuusamo isn’t just about embracing the cold; it’s about diving into a world of activities that bring families and friends together.

From crafting your own traditional Lappish crafts to evening storytelling sessions by the fire, our aim is to enrich your holiday with moments that are both meaningful and delightful.

A Sanctuary of Warmth and Luxury

As the day ends, retreat to the sanctuary of your log cabin, where luxury and nature coexist.

Enjoy the exclusive comfort of premium bedding, savor the warmth of the log fire, and relax in your private sauna—an endearing conclusion to another day in paradise.

Plan Your Dream Lapland Holiday Today

At Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy, we’re dedicated to making your Lapland log cabin holiday a dream come true. With our range of cabins catering to different needs and preferences, from intimate retreats to accommodations for larger groups, we ensure a personalized experience that’s just right for you.

From the breathtaking natural beauty to the cozy comfort of our log cabins, your holiday in Finnish Lapland promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

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Start planning your dream holiday in Finnish Lapland with Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, our log cabins offer the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to reserve your cabin and step into a winter wonderland like no other.

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Your Dream Holiday Awaits

Embark on a journey to Finnish Lapland with Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy and discover the magic of living in a traditional log cabin. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat, an adventurous holiday, or a cosy getaway under the aurora-filled skies, our cabins offer the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

Book your stay with us today and step into a world where the beauty of Lapland unfolds right at your doorstep.

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