Welcome to Villa Marja!

We have prepared this Holiday Home for your use and we hope you enjoy yourself here! If you have any questions during your stay, feel free to contact us! The best way to reach us is by calling. Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy is a family business that looks after of ten holiday apartments in the Ruka-Kuusamo area. We take care of rentals, cleaning before and after your stay and maintenance of the cabins. We have also cleaned and inspected this lovely cabin before your arrival. Should you notice any issues with your cabin, please let us know without delay.

All furniture and accessories in the cabin and its area are freely available to you during your stay! Please treat them with care and leave them in the cabin so the next guests can enjoy them too. Please let us know if necessary equipment is missing or breaks!

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Best regards, Lotta & Tommi

Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy
Nissinvaarantie 22a
93600 Kuusamo

Lotta Viholainen/ 040 135 1966
Tommi Viholainen/ 0400 906 369

General Information

Recycling: you can sort trash into glass and metal separately from mixed waste. You can leave glasses and metals, as well as empty plastic bottles in the kitchen or on the terrace, we will recycle them for you. There are mixed waste container outside.

Do not turn off the heat pump. Instructions for use can be found in this folder, and if you need more information, call! The automatic setting can only be used in summer.

In summer, a rowing boat is available on the shore of Lake Nissinjärvi, at the end of Hallasuontie (1km). Take the key from the cabin and, if necessary, life jackets from the garage.

In Saukkokoski (approx. 800m from the cottage) there is Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy’s shed on the river bank, where you can walk and build a bonfire. If necessary, ask for more information!

In winter, a ski trail runs in the cottage’s backyard, the Nissinvaara trail. The snowmobile route can be reached over Lake Nissinjärvi through the ice or via a connecting route to the Kuusamo route, ask for more information.

Winter Guests’ Checklist!

  • If you have reserved a hot tub or outdoor jacuzzi for your vacation, please read the instructions carefully and contact us if you have any questions! Let’s make sure that the pipes or the stove are not frozen when it’s time to go home!
  • Roads and parking lots are plowed with tractor power after snowfall. The tenant himself keeps the outdoor stairs and terraces clear of snow and the passageways open. Snow shovel, snow shovel and brush can be found in every cabin!
  • When you notice that a tractor is coming to do snow work in front of the cottage, please be kind and move your car.
  • If you have reserved ski tickets for your holiday through us, please remember to leave them at the cabin on the day of departure!


Hot Tub

The use of the hot tub is not included in the rental price. Its use must be agreed upon in advance and will be charged for as agreed upon.


There is an ashtray outside where you can empty the ashes from the fireplaces during your vacation. At the end of your vacation, please make sure that the fireplaces are cleaned if you burned wood in the fireplace or the Kota fire pit.


Pets are welcome at Villa Marja. However, please note the booking conditions. You can find the booking conditions on our website and in your booking confirmation.


When your vacation is over and it’s time to leave, please take the trash and ashes out, collect the sheets and towels and place them in piles, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn on the machine, thank you! Please also return all the items and furniture you used to their places. If there are any problems or issues we need to be made aware of when we prepare the cottage for the next guests please leave us a message.