Riekonkieppi Hot Tub



-Fill the tub with water before starting the fire. Good water height is 10 cm under the edge

-Make sure that the water discharge valve is on (under the stairs) and add 1 tablet oxidizes into the water to keep the water clear

-When heated, the heater must be full of water, meaning that the water level of the tub must be above the upper lead-through

-Add dry wood chopped into small pieces into the heater every 10 or 15 minutes

-Sustain a strong fire

-The tub will take approximately 2-3 hours to heat, depends on the air temperature and your own activity to check the fire

-Keep the lid on during the heating

-Stir the water and measure the temperature

-Once the water is at +35’C, add a smaller amount of firewood to prevent overheating

-The desired bathing temperature of water is about 37’-38’C, during the wintertime about 40’C

-Do not heat over 44’C

-If you wish to maintain a consistent temperature, you can keep a small fire going in the heater (especially during the wintertime)

-During the wintertime never leave water unsupervised/unheated in the tub in freezing temperatures, as the heater and the pipes can freeze very easily. You can either drain the water out of the tub or maintain a sufficient heat. In freezing temperatures, the water needs to heat everyday

-Heating a half empty tub will lead to melting the stove. You must not start emptying the tub before the fire and embers have burnt out completely

Take care of showering carefully before bathing, it helps keep the water clear!

-Do not leave the water freeze during the wintertime!

-Enjoy your bath under the sky!

-Close the lid after bathing

-Empty the ashes from the heater after each bath

Cleaning the tub after your last bath

-Take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the tub by washing it carefully after your last bath. You will find a special long brush and a spray cleaner for this. A hot tub is easy to drain using the water discharge valve located on its side under the stairs. Make sure you open it only that much, that the water starts to drain into the outlet pipe to guide the water further away. Once the water is drained, wash the empty hot tub carefully all over inside with cleaning spray and brush, rinse it with clean water and let it dry. Summertime leave the water discharge valve open, but during the winter close it after cleaning

-Leaving hot tub without washing it carefully, we will charge you cleaning fee 40€ in the summer, 80€ in the winter

Please take a note, that during the wintertime it’s important to empty the water right after your last bath! Cold water in the tub descends to the bottom. Even if the water feels warm on the top when you have heated the tub the night before it can be cold at the bottom and the outlet valve will freeze when trying to drain the tub.

People using outdoor hot tubs are responsible for following up these instructions, taking proper care of heating and cleaning. You are liable to pay for damages caused by carelessness or failure to follow these instructions.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help!

Hot tub is an additional service with extra fee!


2 days in a row     150€ (without water changes)

3-4 days in a row  300€ (without water changes)

week                     400€ (with 1-2 water changes)

Riekonkieppi cottage receive water from private ground water well. Hot tub takes a lot of water, so it’s not possible to fill the tub at once. Hot tub needs to fill in two parts. Part I: Fill the tub at least 5cm above the upper lead-through of the stove. Part II: Fill the tub about 10cm under the edge. It needs about 3hours waiting time between these parts. During the summer you can take water from the lake with a pump to fill it once. During the winter make sure that the water level of the tub is above the upper lead-through before you start to heat it.

You can also ask heating and cleaning service from us, if you wish to enjoy bath without heating progress or cleanings after your bath!                       

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