Hyvätuuli Hot Tub Instructions

The pool has been serviced before your arrival to make it ready for bathing, water and filters have been changed and water treatment agents have been added. The temperature is set to 37 degrees, if you want you can raise it by a max. of 2 degrees. With the lid closed the water heats up approx. 1 degree/hour. If the water has been changed on the day of your arrival, please check the temperature before entering the pool.

To keep the water clean and in bathing condition throughout your vacation, please follow the instructions:

-always wash thoroughly before entering the pool and use a foot pad to clean your feet before entering the pool, or alternatively wear sandals when going from the shower to the pool

-make-up, skin creams, styling foam, hairspray or other cosmetics must not be used in the pool, and freshly dyed hair must not be used in the pool

-you may not add foams, bath fragrances or other detergents or bath products to the pool

-you may not bring drinks, food or anything else that does not belong in the pool

-smoking in the pool is prohibited. Cigarette ash blocks the filters and the pool cover can be damaged

-children must not be left unsupervised in the pool, you must not jump into the pool and the outdoor jacuzzi is not intended for diving but for enjoyment and relaxation

-please be especially careful with slippery walkways and stairs, be careful of slipping in the pool when entering and leaving

— during the winter, clean the pool cover of snow and ice before opening it

-if the lid fasteners are frozen, melt them with warm water before opening, so that the fastener does not break

-close and lock the lid after each use. Note you must not climb on top of the lid!

-keep the lid on whenever there are no bathers in the pool

-wear a swimsuit, no long-legged shorts. Naked bathing is also allowed

-leave all massage nozzles in the open position when leaving the pool

-if the amount of water in the basin drops below the headrests, please add water so that there is water up to the bottom edge of the headrests (a coiled water hose can be found in Hyvätuuli’s technical room)

— the recommended number of people in the pool at one time is max. 4-6 people

AFTER THE LAST BATH OF EVERY DAY, ADD 2 MEASURING SPOONS OF SPACHOCK water conditioner. This substance can be found in the bathroom on top of the washing machine. The measuring spoon is inside the jar.

Users of the outdoor hot tub are responsible for using the pool correctly and taking care of it according to the instructions during their stay. Users are also responsible for damages caused to the hot tub or its cover, if the damage has occurred due to carelessness, neglect or instructions have not been followed. If the water in the pool needs to be changed in the middle of your vacation, we charge €250 for it. You must not change the water yourself. If you are unsure about something, call 0400 906 369/Tommi

Rukan Huvila & Huolto Oy
Nissinvaarantie 22a
93600 Kuusamo

Lotta Viholainen/ 040 135 1966
Tommi Viholainen/ 0400 906 369